August 17, 2018

The Road map that should have been taught in MBA!

Post graduation studies helps in enriching the knowledge in the specific area chosen. 

Embarking on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) course fulfills many checklists. Getting a cushy-well paying job, learning new things within your area of interest, resume building, guidance for entrepreneurship etc. 

We learn many management theories in various subjects such as, McGregor's Theory, BCG matrix, SWOT analysis,Maslow's hierarchy theory, 4 P's of marketing and so on..

These theories are good to learn and understand, but not always practical to apply. Also, I strongly believe the need of introducing a subject in MBA which will teach you basics of documentation needed anywhere. For example: 

How to file your ITR, buying-selling-renting properties' documentation, overview of Government department which help you in your start up plan, Bank processes for applying loans and working capital requirements etc. 

The course should be a structured road map of the technical work, one has to undergo after completing the degree. Without it, you are a fish out of water. 

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I had to relearn everything from start, once i joined business after my MBA. 

Armed with theories and knowledge, bursting with enthusiasm, I joined my Petroleum business. Within no time, i could identify gaps/better processes and suggested the same to my parents. They made me understand that all theories wont apply in real life. Instead, the target market with their mentalities should be assessed before taking any decision. 

Also, when we were about to start a new venture, I was stunned to learn the innumerable permits/licences needed. A Bird's eye-view of regulations would have helped me when I was standing like a deer in front of the headlights! 

Wish MBA courses include this roadmap of regulations/simple documentation and make the students more equipped to deal with the realities of life. 

This Post is inspired by Indispire's post -- 

What's the most necessary change our education system need ? what's your view(s) in this issue?


April 06, 2018

Change is the only constant!

Repeated actions done over a period of time, becomes a habit! But, Never say never to CHANGE!

We, Indians love our traditional customs and habits. 

My memory fails to identify the exact timeline which imbibed my habits in me. Courtesy my mom and the marwari household, I grew up in! 

Few things like, visiting the puja room after getting dressed to convey good morning to the Lord, touching your Elders' feet while saying Jai Shri Krishna, being courteous and humble, doing pranam when someone is going out of station or coming from one, praying to God before sleeping, no wearing black colour during religious pujas and on auspicious days etc; are deeply embedded in my lifestyle. 

Practices which are good and help you grow as an grounded individual should always be accepted with open arms. 

However, redundant practice like sitting away and eating on a plastic plate during those 5 days of the month "periods" should be removed! Its alright not to visit temples during this time, but taking it far ahead and insisting to eat and sleep separately makes you feel like a social pariah! 

During festivals, parents used to make us speak to distant relatives, like my mom's mother's sister or her son, to give them best wishes. Thus ensuring we were more social within our family and extended family, to know our relations and continue them with similar warmth. 

In the Gen-Next era, change seems to be constant and consistent. New blood infused with terrific ideas, being more socially connected and aware, having information on their fingerprints, is paving a way for new set of customs and lifestyle change. 

The technological advent, with its pros and cons, should empower us to juxtapose old and new traditions. 
Upcoming generation, may or may not follow the social practice of staying connected with extended family. 

They might replace the jai shri krishna with hello/namaste/whatsup?. 

Its possible they eradicate the stigma of the menstrual cycle! 

It shall be perfectly okay if they are not overtly religious or display it to the world! 

Change which evolves us as better human beings by making us humble yet true to oneself is the need of the hour. It just shouldn't be hurtful and disrespectful to the older generation but taking them along on this voyage!

My personal thoughts are penned here. 

Thanks to Indispire topic--  share a thought about a social practice that is/was followed in your generation but you feel will not hold good for the next/current generation?

March 29, 2018

One-Liners for your Facebook Status!

  • Alcohol: Because inner demons are thirsty too! 
  • If the movie "Pati, Patni aur Woh" gets remade now, the title wud be "Pati, Patni aur Smartphone”!!
  • English = Hello.. Spanish = Hola..French=Bonjour. Japanese = Konnichiwa.. Chinese = Nî Hâo.
   Indian= Oye %#**%# 
  • Best time to break a reactive news to a woman is when she has her nailpaint wet!
  • Wife and Wifi.. both are capable of driving men mad when they     decide to switch off.!!!              
  • Justice or just ice...Depends on which Bar you're in!  
  • Q: What do you call a responsible stranger in hindi ?   A: Gair-Zimmedar!
  • The two major causes of depression are:  a) having a job   b) not having a job
  • Bread is like the sun.. 
Rises in the yeast and sets in the waist !

  • A man asked a fairy to make him desirable & irresistable to all women.
She turned him into a "credit card”

  • You call them "cuss words"... I call them "sentence enhancers”
  • People who drink to escape their problems are....Booze-dils!! 
  • Facebook profile is your virtual "aadhar" card!! 
  • What are the three most popular words in the world?    Made in China.. 
  • Who are the most important people in Indian society?  'Chaar log’!  
  • There are two types of people in the virtual world:
  Those who have a Facebook account, and those who shouldn't have a         Facebook account

  • The basic necessities of modern Life: Roti, Kapda, Makaan, gaadi & free Wi-Fi. 
  • Breakup Story : "I always asked for a Pucchi .. And She always asked for a Gucci!
  • What is Bhaang called in english???
      Shiva's Regal. 
  • In an African safari, a lion suddenly bounced on wife.  Wife: Shoot him! Shoot him!          Husband: Yes, yes. I'm changing the battery in my camera..

  • Keep your spirits up! You don’t want to spill your drink…!! 
  • Contrary to popular belief, God's surname is not “damnit"..! 
  • In India, every problem has one solution and that solution is called Jugaad..
  • Follow your heart, it's the GPS of your soul!! 
  • Act like Pacman at parties.!! 
around the room eating everything in site and avoiding everyone…!
  • Some people are like price tags. As soon as we see them, our happiness turns into sadness.!! 
  • What exactly is a new year's resolution?   It is a to-do list for the first week of january. 
  • Maggi is the girlfriend of the food world. It says 2 minutes but never gets ready in less than 20 minutes.
  • Badaam khane se akal aati hai.. Dhoke khane se akal aati hai.. to socho badam dhokar khane se kitne akal ayegi..
  • Son: Dad, I want a new MacBook.
Dad: Beta, its pronounced "Math Book”.!
  • The way you feel when your phone dies is exactly how cinderella must have felt at midnight!! 
  • For a married guy, "Aji Sunte ho" sounds more like "Bigg Boss Chahte hai”..
  • Be careful what you wear to bed at night, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams.
  • A pessimist is merely someone who recognises that every silver lining is attached to a cloud…! 
  • Police asked the Thief: Why u went to Steal 3 times in d Same Store?
The thief Replied: Sir, I Stole 1 Dress for my wife & went to Change It Twice! 

  • You talk to are religious...

      GOD talks to are Psychotic

  • When someone texts you “hahahahaha!!” instead of “haha” or “lol”, you know you’ve done well.. 
  • Relationships start with "Can we talk?" and ends with "We need to talk.” 
  • Procrastination has it's good side. You always have something to do tomorrow. 
  • A bargain is something, you don't need, at a price you can't resist! 
  • After the 10th selfie , phones should automatically flash a message saying "You're not looking pretty today. Just deal with it"! 
  • Patience has calories, because sabar ka phaal meetha hota hai! 
  • There's 3 things in life everyone needs......
     LOVE to make them Weak...
     Alcohol to make them Strong ! & Best Friends    when both things make them HIT the floor .

  • Some people are like trees, they take forever to grow up.
  • Start your day by reciting this prayer!
"O Mere 33 crore devi devtao. ...Mujhe zayada kuch nahi chahiye. bus aap sab ek ek Rupiya dedo” 
  • Ganje ko kabhi dhoka mat dena! Uski high lagegi.