September 24, 2017

Aarambh of Blogging ..

Once upon a time, an astrologer, who coupled up as a face reader,  visited us at home. She was warmly received by   my Matashri, who has a affinity towards consultations. 

Only genuine and trust worthy people make it to my mother's list. This is a side view info :) 

After the chai-paani nashta scenario, Matashri paraded me happily in front of her as the new guinea pig of experiments. 
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The lady took my right palm in her hands, turning it left- right and finally zooming on the criss-crossing fate lines.

She prophesied about my many hidden talents, hitherto undiscovered after snippets of what is in store for me. 

I was guffawing to myself about the whole absurdity.

 Let me tell you, this was my first brush with a soothsayer and my jawani ka josh was at its boiling peak, pursuing my graduation year. 

Special advisory, apart from wearing a cat's eye stone, was to pen down anything everyday. A page of writing connected words. 

Bemused, I nodded affirmation and thought of giving it a shot. 

Mind you, this was merely to kill little time while humouring my matashri.

Circa 2008-09, armed with my Sony Vaio,  hostel's wifi connection and newly discovered word, " #blogging ".
Google informed me, it means writing personals journals or anything worthwhile on the World Wide Web. 

Enabling its upcoming application, "Blogspot",I set sail on this journey. I didn't wish to write about my plan of the day!
 So my enlisted crew members, my friends, hoisted lot of topics to write about, aboard. Again, world was round, so my duvidha came to square one. Kya likhu? 

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Vishesh tippani - when you study in a Co-Ed college, few harami type friends are bound cross your pathway. 

One of the charlies suggested me to talk about what happens within a girl's hostel. 

Curiosity always charms the cat before it kills it !! 

Done done done...Juicy details of talking under blankets, the conditions of washrooms etc, wormed its way in my post. 

 The first post was so excitedly received that the feedback was given unabashedly over cups of chai and sutta. 

Such a good feeling to get appreciated! 

This was the start of my journey of #blogging

Over the years, topics became little varied. 

Wrote about various kinds of Alcohols, to educate my girlfriends... 
Typed about current mood swings, like why being fat makes people around you judgmental and so on.... That was purely rant blogging. 

Wait a minute,  people still loved it. 

Not bad, at all !! 

Selection of Topics - Kya aur Kyu?

Someone asked me, why do you review movies on Facebook? Answer is simple : I love watching movies. If i can save someone's hard-earned money and time (metropolitan city crowd) by writing unbiasedly, why not?

For a change,  I wrote movie reviews on my blog. Statistics showed me great views scores. My faithful followers from Facebook indeed took the effort of checking my links! 

Did i mention, I am a avid luxury spoilt traveller

Travelling all over India and the World has made me see different cultures and customs with more respect. It truly widens your horizons. 

I aint your backpacker type of traveller, but a guilt free luxury seeking person, who loves good hotels and ambience! 

Reading bug crawls all over my body.. I itch to read any romantic stuff and Indian fiction i can lay my hands on! So... it also gets featured on my blog! 

My husband,Ranbir, has been a monumental encouraging force and has resurrected my writing. He feels my writing can help people with their travel plans, books and movie selection. 

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Never have felt so Happy !! 

Imagine the power of communicating your views, ideas and experience with your friends and connecting with new friends, thanks to Indiblogger. 

Making them visualise things, just by your descriptive sentences and helping them embark on their own sojourns. 

Reading their encouraging feedback, makes you pat your back,Well done girl! 

This post is inspired by Indispire topic on Indiblogger. #blogging


  1. You are just excellent..I can't find more words to describe u..whoever the face reader or palmist she was,thanks to her who made u to showcase your best talent to the world..pove u..keep writing more n more..I enjoy reading your stuffs..

  2. Thank you so much ashwini.. it's encouraging to read your kind words :)

  3. Interesting Shubharambh, Anu :)
    Keep writing & blogging! Best wishes!