September 27, 2017

Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti?

Few friends met up for a casual dinner. 
One of them bought along his cousin, who had just shifted to the city. 
Quickly the introductions took place. His epic reply  stunned everyone, eventually dissolving into peals of laughter!

" hello everyone, my name is avinash dutta. Mom and dad had named me after consulting my horoscope letter but they keep calling me beta or Sonu. 

My friends call me avi. Teachers refer to me as dutta.  My girlfriend calls me by tons of name depending on her mood. I go from mera baby, jaanu,honey, jaan till kutte. Maid and society watchmen address me as bhaiyya. Kids call out to me as uncle.I sometimes feel am avu, simple and sweet.  Hence please feel to call me whatever you wish!" 

His reply perfectly summarises what name means to various people in different contexts. 

Our brain cells guide us in selecting a name for a newborn. Many algorithms, such as the name should have a good meaning, it's short form shouldn't change the intrinsic meaning, the letter as per the
horoscope/birth chart has to be used; determines it finally. 

Indian parents love rhyming names for their children. Example : my name is anushree and my sister is addressed as tanushree! Talk about being lazy, rather than smart!

These are good for the official paperworks and Ids. Half of the time, you are called anything, but your real name! 

Nick names are called by our family and friends,lovingly. They can either be short form of the real name or something very different! 

Friends have a uncanny knack of bestowing the creepiest,funniest and whackiest of names.

Your character traits, your physical traits, social traits, sometimes no reason whatsoever etc help them to name you! 

Example : My best buddies call me teddy bear, chudail and moti murgi! 

Best ones are when little kids call you. Its like they have internal antennas to gauge you and your age. 

Looking young and smart? then its Bhaiyya! 
Having a bad day? its Uncle time! 

Its creeped me out when after my wedding, i met few kids ( the following week of wedding mind you! ) i was instantly addressed as AUNTY! 

did they see my ek chutki sindoor? I was remembering Ekta Kapoor & Hum Paanch serial. Aunty mat kaho na!! 

Household staff, waiters, parlour staff, support personnel etc always address you as bhaiyya or didi! Some enthu cutlets over do it by adding ji to the bhaiyya and bhabhiji to his wife! 

"Madam/Sir" -- Doesn't this give the feeling of sophistication? Thank your office staff and luxury hotel personnel for the sudden elevated feeling :) 

Embarrassing names are reserved for your special someone. 

Imagine, your spouse loudly yells, jaaaanuuuu where are you? in a busy mall.! 

sniggers, here and there, i tell you! 


Jaanu, honey, munchkins, cupcake,jaaneman, puppy,shona, mera baby, mera babu etc are common lover names. 

Wait a minute, Awwwwww..... That is cho chweet! :) 

Am sure, you have heard all of the above, sometime during your yatra of life! :) 

This post is inspired by indispire on Indiblogger


  1. True. Multiple names thanks to our co-passengers in life's yatra :)

    1. hehe, yes :) i loved your 5 sentences incident!!