January 26, 2018

Whatsapp! 1st task of the day !

"Trrrinnnng Triiinggg" the alarm sounded shrilly in Sheetal's ears. Opening one eye, she fumbled around for her phone and the snooze button. Those 5 minutes of  sleep between the snooze button and the next alarm are blissful.

She woke up groggily and started with the first task of the
day. Checking her phone and its notifications. The lock screen showed snapshots of the messages in text inbox and whatsapp, however she knew better to trust them since plethora of messages are always in the muted conversations.

Her family group was named " Singhs are Kings" whereas her best friends group was "Awesome Threesome", her office group had an uninspired name "Vertical Heads" and various shopping groups had weird attributed names. 

She sighed while scrolling down the notifications. 

  • 10 "good morning" messages/images from masis/chachis/mamas/grannies/mom etc. 
  • "inspirational/motivational" quotes in office group.

  • Tons of images of counterfeit a.ka. first copies of branded handbags and kundan jewellery in the shopping groups.

  • Current bitch session/gossip and dirty talks were on in the besties group. 

"Ah, the morning routine! sometimes I think, almost a decade ago, the joy of getting 100 free SMSes from your mobile provider, on a daily basis, was beyond words. We didn't have to worry about the currency balance but simply reserve a quota for forwarding non-veggie messages and remaining to enquire if proxy could be given in a particular's class.

Now, we wake up by beautiful images which wish us a great day, enrich our gyaan, spook us by lengthy "very important for health" messages, sometimes untrue news and many other stuff. 

The notifications go up in triple digit numbers, if left unchecked even for half an hour. Courtesy, the many family and friends groups along with the shopping groups membership. 

Oh, how I personally love the mute button! Stops the continuous beeping of the incoming message! 

But, its also a blessing. Mom always helps me out, when i send her a picture of something i wish to buy. Making a plan with friends is also easy. Transferring data is easy!"

Enough of my incessant musing about whatsapp!! Time to get ready and Carpediem!!! 

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