April 06, 2018

Change is the only constant!

Repeated actions done over a period of time, becomes a habit! But, Never say never to CHANGE!

We, Indians love our traditional customs and habits. 

My memory fails to identify the exact timeline which imbibed my habits in me. Courtesy my mom and the marwari household, I grew up in! 

Few things like, visiting the puja room after getting dressed to convey good morning to the Lord, touching your Elders' feet while saying Jai Shri Krishna, being courteous and humble, doing pranam when someone is going out of station or coming from one, praying to God before sleeping, no wearing black colour during religious pujas and on auspicious days etc; are deeply embedded in my lifestyle. 

Practices which are good and help you grow as an grounded individual should always be accepted with open arms. 

However, redundant practice like sitting away and eating on a plastic plate during those 5 days of the month "periods" should be removed! Its alright not to visit temples during this time, but taking it far ahead and insisting to eat and sleep separately makes you feel like a social pariah! 

During festivals, parents used to make us speak to distant relatives, like my mom's mother's sister or her son, to give them best wishes. Thus ensuring we were more social within our family and extended family, to know our relations and continue them with similar warmth. 

In the Gen-Next era, change seems to be constant and consistent. New blood infused with terrific ideas, being more socially connected and aware, having information on their fingerprints, is paving a way for new set of customs and lifestyle change. 

The technological advent, with its pros and cons, should empower us to juxtapose old and new traditions. 
Upcoming generation, may or may not follow the social practice of staying connected with extended family. 

They might replace the jai shri krishna with hello/namaste/whatsup?. 

Its possible they eradicate the stigma of the menstrual cycle! 

It shall be perfectly okay if they are not overtly religious or display it to the world! 

Change which evolves us as better human beings by making us humble yet true to oneself is the need of the hour. It just shouldn't be hurtful and disrespectful to the older generation but taking them along on this voyage!

My personal thoughts are penned here. 

Thanks to Indispire topic--  share a thought about a social practice that is/was followed in your generation but you feel will not hold good for the next/current generation?


  1. Nice thoughts. As long as they don't disrespect, the change is ok.

  2. Change is the only way forward. But it is good to see you manage to imbibe change by keeping the traditions alive :)